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What are you going to do with that degree? If you’re a Liberal Arts major, I have an answer. And it’s not “I don’t know,” “Teach,” “Law school,” or “Go to grad school.” 


A Black Woman’s Choice: Depo-Provera and Reproductive Rights

Author: Nicole M. Jackson, The Ohio State University

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African American and Black British women exhibited a complicated relationship with reproductive rights activism in the 1970s and 1980s. As women’s health work developed in both countries to focus attention on abortion or expanding women’s access to birth control methods, Black women were often wary of these new “freedoms.” Much of this reticence centered on the ways in which “choice” had been defined by mainstream society. Black women’s participation in the women’s health movement attempted to develop a more complicated definition of choice to demonstrate that more contraceptive options for White women could also mean fewer choices for Black women.

With the changing demographic situation of the developed world, there has been a focus on the concept of lifelong learning, where people learn throughout their lives. The emergence of the knowledge society, rapid introduction of new technology and the changing work place increases the importance of adult learning. Understanding motivation and barriers to adult learning is therefore a highly relevant issue to the current situation of the world and not only in the field of education. 

The effect of radio cannot be underestimated. It was perhaps the most important electronic technological innovation of the 20th century, at least in the US. It reconjured notions of public and private, helped usher in a new form of the consumer economy, played a large role in the creation of the star system in the entertainment industry, gave the country the first mass-media superstar in popular music, Rudy Vallee, and more. This essay considers the early days of radio and the rhetoric surrounding the period immediately following its development, and the role that music played in promoting radio.

The term narcissist is often used to describe someone who is self-centered, conceited,vain; or simply an insensitive, egotistical, know it all. As a personality trait, there is a notion that a mild case of narcissism can actually be healthy, that it helps people cope with life’s ups and downs; while an intense or severe case is harmful, primarily to the narcissist themselves. The understanding that severe psychological damage can be done by a true narcissist, to the people who love them, is not widely understood or addressed; in many cases narcissism is minimized as a form of mental illness. How does one determine whether the level of narcissism present is mild or severe?

This article focuses on the sexual abuse of Jewish women by German men during the Holocaust. It rejects the myth that laws forbidding Rassenschande would prevent the rape of Jewish women and argues that genocidal conditions provided fertile soil for such abuses. It examines some of the reasons that scholars have shied away from discussing this issue.

One of the important aspects of human altruism is long-term and organized activity for the benefit of others, that is, formal volunteering. Not every act of volunteering is altruistic and not every altruistic act is volunteering, but the connection between the two concepts is so strong that one cannot speak of the one without the other. The current article will examine the different philosophies that led social disciplinarians to study altruism and the ways the basic perceptions of human behavior led to designing research of altruism and,later,the research questions regarding volunteerism.

The Niger Delta region of Nigeria is faced with a number of environmental problems, such as gas flaring, oil spillage and ecosystems pollution. The Niger Delta contributes massively to economic and financial development of Nigeria through oil and gas production and ecosystems services, but receives little or no tangible benefit from the oil production. In an attempt to tackle these multi-faceted environmental pollutions and problems, the Nigerian federal government established environmental regulations and institutions. This study assesses the data deficiencies and needs in order to provide advice on improving the monitoring system.

The situation of the Philippines is not too different from that of other countries in Southeast Asia. It is confronted by many socio-cultural challenges, such as rapid population growth, poverty, ethnic and religious conflicts, and other social problems.

The hospitality and tourism sector is experiencing numerous challenges as a result of the global economic crisis. After significant contraction in 2009, tourism rebounded strongly in 2010. The crisis has particularly strong impact and negative consequences in Greece. Tourism can be the driving force behind Greece’s economic recovery, however for its achievement, the country’s policy makers should take several measures towards restructuring and improving the sector.

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