Over 2 Million Users on Academia.edu

by Courtney Quirin

imageAcademia.edu has surpassed 2 million registered users!

This isn’t quite “new” news (we reached 2 million in December), but we wanted to alert each and everyone of our users to the potential reach of your work.

Uploading your papers to the site makes them easy to find for just about anyone doing a Google search. Adding your own keywords only enhances your papers’ visibility.

Still wondering how an Academia.edu profile can help your career, create new opportunities, or expand your audience? Check out stories on our blog for some examples.

Make an impact and share your work with the world. There are plenty of curious people within and beyond academia who could benefit from your ideas and findings.  

p.s. Have an interesting story to tell? We’d love to hear it! Contact us at courtney@academia.edu


by Courtney Quirin, Science Writer

Comments Jan 23, 2013
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