User Spotlight: Christine Kraemer “I use my Analytics to keep my teaching interesting”

by Helen Sparrow


Christine Kraemer is a Faculty Member at Cherry Hill Seminary. Her research focuses are contemporary Paganism, sexuality, literature and popular culture.

Cherry Hill Seminary is a distance learning institution. Many of Christine’s students do not live locally and in some cases do not have convenient access to a public library, let alone a university library with a good number of journal subscriptions. It can take up to a month for Christine’s students to receive a journal article that they requested through a public library and online single paper downloads through publishers are prohibitively expensive.

“I recommend academia as a source of papers for all my students. Accessing journal articles and book chapters is often incredibly difficult for distance learners, but academia makes it simple.”

Christine also finds a useful place to share her own research. She especially likes knowing that people have access to her papers and are reading her work. In fact, in response to this, Christine has found herself altering her teaching at Cherry Hill based on the popularity of different themes of her research.

“I find [analytics] fascinating. It is so useful to know who is reading what and to think about why. Some of my papers are much more popular than I thought they would be, and I would not know about that if academia didn’t show me. This has affected my teaching, as it gives me a better idea of what issues are likely to interest my students.” Analytics is already being used in ways we never expected. We’re thrilled this data is valuable to so many academics and hope the information can impact many more people’s research and careers in the future.


by Helen Sparrow, Community Manager

Comments Sep 28, 2012
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