User Spotlight: Paul Bowman (Cardiff) “I’ve been flown to NYC to be in a film about Bruce Lee”

by Diana Constantinescu


Paul Bowman is another academic who shares his work on and who appreciates like-minded people who do the same. “I don’t care about royalty cheques, I care about sharing research” he says. Paul is the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University.

His research sharing activities have often had unexpected consequences. He has been invited to speak about his field of research in different parts of the world, including Italy, Germany and the USA. Thanks to sharing on, he has also had a selection of his work collected and translated into Italian. These things occurred after other academics and experts found his work on 

What’s more, Paul even had his moment in the spotlight when a movie director who was looking for an academic expert to comment in a Bruce Lee documentary chose him from among all researchers, because his profile and work were so visible on the Internet.

“I believe that because of, my work has reached many more people than it otherwise would. This has had fringe benefits for me, of course: I have been invited all over the world to talk, been translated into other languages, and even been flown to NYC to be in a film about Bruce Lee – all because I shared my work on”

How did that happen?

"A director was looking for an academic who could comment on Bruce Lee for a film he was making. So he found my work on Academia and read it and liked it and contacted me, and then they flew me to NYC to be interviewed. The film came out recently, it’s called ‘I am Bruce Lee’."

The work Paul has shared on the site has opened doors that he never anticipated. The profile he created on Academia to share and gain knowledge has taken him much further than expected.

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Comments Aug 30, 2012
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