User Spotlight: Vlad Glaveanu “’s stats help me decide trending directions of research”

by Diana Constantinescu


Vlad has just earned his PhD in Social Psychology from London School of Economics and is ready to embark onto a fulfilling academic career in social and cultural psychology. This fall he will start his work as Associate Professor at the University of Aalborg (Denmark), where he will teach and do research on creativity. Vlad has been using for almost 4 years since he first started his PhD, following a recommendation from one of his peers:

“One of my older colleagues from the PhD group was already on Academia and had an elaborate page, with lots of papers, and when I saw it I felt I wanted one. I never had a personal presentation page before and when I found Academia I found exactly what I needed: I needed to have a space where I would upload my CV, my papers, put a small description of myself and build a network of like-minded people.”

Until later in 2011 when he started his Teaching Fellowship at the LSE and his bio was included on LSE’s website, was Vlad’s unique point of presentation. Even after he earned a space on the LSE Experts website, he still thinks that “offers a fuller profile of me as an academic than other websites, because it allows me to put all kinds of content – even CV, talks, or teaching documents.” Moreover, it is easier for him to update his profile on than on any other website. Therefore he has included his page on his business card and in his e-mail signature. was Vlad’s loyal companion in raising his profile, in disseminating his work and helping him to decide new directions in his research. He logs in every few days, but always with a specific aim in mind.

“I’m an actively oriented user in the sense that when I log in on Academia I do it with a specific purpose in mind: to search for a keyword, or a person, or a specific paper. For instance, I wish to get in touch with a particular researcher I’ve met, so I look at their profile, current publications, and I get their contact details.”

Throughout the years, Vlad found various people in his field and got in touch with them on Furthermore, since he is the editor of Europe’s Journal of Psychology (EJOP), he is actively searching for potential reviewers on, especially when he receives articles on topics different from the current reviewers’ expertise. He admits he typically contacts potential reviewers whose profile is filled and up to date, and disregards those who don’t seem interested in sharing their work.

Finally, for Vlad stats are a great source of feedback on his work and he checks them regularly, especially after he uploads new papers.

“I check the stats regularly and I was actually a bit addicted in the beginning [laughs]. The overall number of views is quite useful because it’s that immediate feedback that we typically lack in the academic world. I also look at the keywords; I think the keywords are very important. I now work on creativity and I notice through keywords that there is an increasing interest in cultural and situational creativity, which my work also addresses. So this increasing interest gives me motivation and constant feedback.”

Vlad strongly believes that an profile is a must for any young researcher. Even towards those who think they have nothing valuable to show, Vlad insists that you need to put whatever you have and to show you’re making progress.

Comments Jul 30, 2012
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